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Last Two Sunday Workshops of 2013

Last Sunday was another “Sewing with Knits” workshop.  I had 4 eager students all new to and a bit fearful of sewing stretch knit fabrics.

But, after 6 hours of hard work look at what they left with!


From left to right: Teruka in her very wearable MIY Collection vest dress in grey rib from Ditto, Dawn in a very cute MIY Collection asymmetric red jersey skirt and Melanie in another asymmetric skirt made in 2 different fabrics from Ditto – one half of her skirt is a lovely heavy ponte roma, the other side a jersey covered with tiny black sequins.  A perfect party season skirt!  Jingya also got a good way along with making a lovely draped neck dress from a Vogue pattern.  (You see, those other patterns just aren’t as quick to finish as mine….!!)

Here’s what the group thought of the day:

“I had a lovely afternoon at MIY Workshop, Wendy was always on hand to help with my garment.  I’m looking forward to wearing my new skirt!” Dawn

“I have never made anything with jersey fabric before and really enjoyed this workshop.  Wendy was friendly and very helpful and I would like to do more workshops.” Teruka

“The day was very interesting, I really enjoyed sewing the skirt.  Wendy is very friendly and patient and I will be back for sure.” Melanie

If you want to learn how to sew knitted fabrics my next workshop is on Sunday 30th March 2014.  Full details can be found here.

Then yesterday was “Pattern Cutting for Trousers”.  Another 4 eager students spent a rainy Sunday creating their own trouser block, making a pattern from it and putting together a toile.

Pattern Cutting classes always generate interesting discussions about body shapes and buying clothes.  Dresses and trousers always come out top in the “I can never buy ones that fit properly” category!  We women vary such a lot in body size, shape and proportion that it’s a wonder any of us can buy readymade clothes and wear them.  At least if you have some sewing skills, lots of readymade garments can be tweaked to give a better fit, but that’s often impossible with trousers; you can alter the length, the leg shape and the fit on the waist, but not much else.  The place that’s key with trouser fitting is body length and if your readymade trousers aren’t right in this area there’s not much you can do about it, that’s got to be right from the start.  So obviously the best thing to do is draft your own trouser block!  If you can’t do that, then buy a trouser pattern, but I wouldn’t ever recommend making a pair of trousers straight from the pattern in your actual fabric – always make a toile (sample garment) first to try out the fit and make any adjustments.  If you’re going to take the time and effort to make yourself some trousers you might as well make sure they’re going to be right!

Here’s what some of yesterday’s students thought of their day of trouser pattern cutting:

“A great session, Wendy is very patient and informative and makes everything so easy to follow.  I look forward to seeing my finished trousers.” Suzanne

“I really enjoyed my first class at MIY Workshop and am inspired to go home and get sewing!” Beverley

“A very productive workshop which has given me an in-depth insight into pattern cutting for trousers.  Wendy explained everything very well and in a way that I could understand and take away with me for future use.  Can’t wait to finish my trousers!” Alison

If you fancy having a go at drafting your own trouser block, the next Trouser Pattern Cutting workshop is on Sunday 25th May 2014.  You can find full details here.