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DIY Bobbin Holder

DIY bobbin holder

Have a read of a new post on my blog about how to organise your bobbins!

How to Thread a Sewing Machine – Picking up the Bobbin Thread

Find my latest video tutorial explaining how to pick up the bobbin thread once you’ve threaded-up your sewing machine over on my blog.

how to pick up the bobbin thread

Dressmaking SOS


Have you got yourself in a bit of a dressmaking tangle?

Keep getting stuck with the same thing, tearing your hair out with some sewing pattern instructions, struggling with a tricksy fabric or just want to know more about sewing equipment or a particular technique?

Whatever your sewing and dressmaking problem or question, send it to me in any of the following ways:

Every month I’ll be throwing a sewing lifeline to 3 of you and hopefully answering your question.