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British Sewing Awards – MIY Workshop was 3rd!

SEW 3rd Place Logo

I had some pretty impressive news last week, MIY Workshop came 3rd in Sew Magazine’s British Sewing Awards in the “Best for Sewing Courses/Workshops” category.

I have to admit that usually nothing less than the best is good enough for me, but this was a national competition open to the many businesses teaching people to sew across the UK, so I’m actually rather chuffed with 3rd.

And, dear reader, this is mostly down to you, as I relied on you first of all to nominate me back in September of last year and then to vote for me, so a big thank you bear hug from me to you.

MIY Workshop seems to be on a bit of a roll this year……

Sew Magazine’s British Sewing Awards – I’ve been Nominated!!!

I was (to put it mildly) dead chuffed the other week to find out that I’ve been nominated in Sew Magazine’s British Sewing Awards under the category “Best for Sewing Workshops / Courses”!

The nominations process has been ongoing since September and those receiving the most nominations have now been shortlisted for the voting process.  I am soooo flattered that so many people nominated me, a huge thank you from me to all of you that took the time.

Voting is now open via postal votes and online until February 14th next year.

The process is very easy online, here’s a direct link: http://www.sewmag.co.uk/awards/

British Sewing Awards

Or, if you buy the current issue of the magazine there’s a form to complete and send in the post:

British Sewing Awards

Good luck to everyone who has been nominated, especially Ditto Fabrics in Brighton……!

The British Sewing Awards 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 14.06.05

Sew Magazine are currently looking for nominations for the British Sewing Awards via their website and in their magazine.

You can vote for your favourite sewing machine brand, best book and best of all……..Best Sewing Workshop / Course and Best Sewing Blog.

Now I’m not so presumptuous as to assume anyone would nominate me, but……..if you happen to enter, I hope I will be fresh in your mind!

It’s easy to do, this link takes you straight there: http://www.sewmag.co.uk/awards/ just nominate in the categories you want and put N/A in the ones you don’t.  Takes only a few mins…….

I’ll send some happy sewing fairies your way :o )

Wendy Ward “Sewing guru” (!)

Here I am; the expert and “sewing guru” on page 29 of the August issue of Sew magazine which is on sale now.

sewmag-patterncutting-aug13-webThe feature is all about pattern cutting – what blocks are used for and why it’s important to make toiles and includes instructions for drafting basic bodice and skirt blocks.

If you fancy having a go at designing your own patterns and drafting the perfectly fitting garment, there is just one space left on my City & Guilds Pattern Cutting Summer School (more details here) and I have a few pattern cutting one-day workshops coming up in the autumn (more details here).

MIY Collection Sewing Patterns in Sew Magazine’s “Hotlist”

MIY Collection sewing patterns are featured in the current issue (July) of Sew magazine, page 9 on the “Hotlist” which features the best news, products, shows and events of the month ahead.

So there you are, it’s official, MIY Collection sewing patterns are hot!!

MIY Collection - sewing patterns for jersey fabric