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Overlockers for the Terrified!


Fearless Overlocking with Deborah Smethurst

  • Are you guilty of buying an overlocker and never getting it out of the box?
  • Do you have an overlocker and hardly ever use it?
  • Did you buy an overlocker, use it once, then put it away again after you couldn’t figure out the tension?
  • Have you recently got an overlocker and now find yourself wondering why?

You are not alone! Bring your neglected overlocker to this class, make friends with your overlocker, take the terror out of overlocking and open up a whole new world of sewing techniques.

This workshop is designed for the person who has bought an overlocker and is still somewhat hesitant about using this machine to its full potential. Perhaps the overlocker purchase was a bold idea, but when it was nestled in amongst the other sewing gadgets, it seemed a little daunting and the tasks assigned to the overlocker seemed a little too ambitious. This is a workshop for those who have looked inside the overlocker at all those threads and moving bits and thought that as long as nothing broke, you would be fine with this intrepid machine.

Let Deborah help you with your confidence using this machine. After this class you will be able to thread your machine confidently, remove parts of your machine and manipulate your overlocker so that it gives you the desired finish you are wanting to add to your sewing.

The class will cover:

  • Your overlocker accessories, including the kit – what’s needed/ what to throw away/what you should add
  • Identifying parts of the overlocker
  • What your overlocker can do/can’t do and how it is different from a sewing machine
  • Threading the overlocker, focusing on three-thread overlocking
  • Tensioning your overlocker threads
  • Sewing with your overlocker – an introduction
  • How to incorporate your overlocker into your current sewing needs
  • Troubleshooting your overlocker’s idiosyncrasies.

What you need to have and be able to do to get the most out of this class:

  • You need to bring your own overlocker so that you can continue to use it after the class!
  • You need to be confident using a sewing machine and be a fairly confident sewer/dressmaker.
  • This class isn’t for complete beginners to sewing and dressmaking who don’t already confidently know their way around a sewing machine.

Dates, times, cost & class size:

  • There are 2 dates available: Sunday 6th March and Sunday 24th April
  • Time: 10.30am to 4.30pm
  • Cost: £120
  • Class size: just 5 people – the smallest class size to learn how to use your overlocker in Brighton, ensuring you will get plenty of 1-2-1 help and go home confidently able to use your overlocker.

Your tutor:

Deborah is exactly the sort of tutor we love at MIY Workshop: a fully qualified teacher and a proper industry professional with a vast amount of fashion industry experience:

“I have been sewing for a long time. Even a long time before it was trendy. I remember being embarrassed to say that my only skill of note was that I knew a sewing machine and I could make that baby sing. But I could, and I still can.

I have a fashion design qualification that lends some credibility to what I do and have completed some excellent training with top companies who provide overlockers (Babylock, Viking Husqvarna, Janome). I have also had a number of business projects that have had varying degrees of success (bridal wear, Africa school project, business development, teaching), but I think over and above this, it’s the passion for the craft that lends the heaviest weight. And more than that, I love helping people with their passion for this wonderful skill.

Having dodged through many sewing and design alleys for a lot of years, I would like to show you the shortcuts to getting the most out of your craft. I will show you what works quickly and easily and what you have to put the time into to get the best results. Overlocking is one of those areas I can help you with in this regard and I would love to help you get the best out of your machine.”

Here’s what Ce thought of Deborah’s class when she took it:

“Deborah is a lovely attentive teacher. I now feel confident to re-thread and make adjustments to the many settings on my overlocker. I’m also no longer scared of its speed and that I might cut too much fabric. I highly recommend this class!”

Learn from a qualified and highly experienced industry professional how to use your overlocker at MIY Workshop – a fully equipped specialist design and sewing studio in central Brighton in the heart of the North Laine with everything you’ll need for the day close to hand.

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