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Sewing & Pattern Cutting – equipment & materials

As I’ve started sourcing various bits of equipment and materials for MIY Workshop and been asked by students if I can get various things for them, I decided to put together a price list and sell a limited range of things.

These items are not available through my website, just at the workshop.  I won’t be holding masses of stock, so if you would like something let me know and if I don’t have it I can order it in for you.

L Square (the long aluminium set square I have at MIY Workshop – very handy for pattern cutting and making cushions & curtains) £25.00
Small embroidery type scissors (Mundial) £  5.70
Large fabric scissors (Mundial) £13.50
Bondaweb (per ½ metre piece) £ 1.30
Duck feather cushion pads:
30cm x 30cm £ 4.50
41cm x 41cm £ 6.00
45cm x 45cm £ 8.00