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To discount or not to discount?

A few months ago I was the lucky recipient of a (faintly disguised) sales call from one of those big group discounting/voucher companies.  When the very chatty man finally got to the point – that they would like me on their website in return for me offering discounts on my classes that they could take a slice of – I told him that I didn’t do discounts.  There was a short, not very chatty silence before the sales man asked why not, couldn’t understand why I didn’t discount and actually asked me how I get customers if I dont?!

I’ve been mulling over that conversation on and off since.  It’s that time of year where we’re bombarded with sales on the high street as all the big high street multiples seem to have given up on summer ever arriving and everyone loves a bargain, including me.  However, some bargains come at a cost which isn’t always  obvious.

I spend time methodically calculating my prices and they represent the true cost of running the class or workshop, plus a profit.  They’re fair, they’re not based on other people’s prices and there’s no room for a third party to take a cut.  I’m aware of the “market” price for classes obviously, and I know that I’m not the cheapest, but neither am I the most expensive.

I never discount my goods or services and I never will do.  It’s not part of my business model.  If you come to a class, workshop, hire session or one-to-one class with me, there is one price advertised and it’s the price that everyone pays.

I know how annoyed I would be if I had booked a workshop that I really wanted to do weeks in advance, to then find myself sitting next to someone who got it half price because they saw it on a discount website.  I don’t think that would be fair and that’s just how I like to do business.