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Customising Project Number 3 for Sewing World Magazine

If funds are a bit tight after Christmas but you still have the urge for something new in your wardrobe, how about customising a plain old grey sweatshirt?  We’ve all got one lurking at the back of the wardrobe and you could turn this……

sweatshirt customising sewing world

……into this……….

sweatshirt customising sewing world

…….or this……..

sweatshirt customising sewing world

Pages 60-62 in the January issue which is available now at the bargain price of £4.95.

sweatshirt customising project sewing world magazine

Next month, another thrifty project; I’ll be showing you how to turn jeans into a skirt.

My Next Cutstomising Project for Sewing World Magazine

Look what I just found on Sewing World Magazine’s Facebook page…..

sweatshirt customising sewing world magazine

A nice little project to while away the Christmas holidays….?!

Customising Project Number 2 for Sewing World Magazine

It’s party season!  If you need a party outfit but don’t want to go out and buy something new, my customising project in the December issue of Sewing World magazine (on sale now!) may be just what you need.

Start with a plain old skirt…….

skirt customising

Add a few frills and ruffles……….

skirt customising……and ta-dah a party-worthy skirt!

skirt customising

In January’s issue I’ll be reviving a tired old sweatshirt…….