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Last Weekend’s Cushion Making Workshop

It’s taken me a while, but here are the fantastic results from last Sunday’s Cushion Making Workshop……

cushion making workshopHere’s Larissa with her first cushion of the day – an envelope back cushion in a very cute dinosaur print fabric  made as a present.  Her second was one for herself with a zipped seam.  Larissa hadn’t sewn for a number of years before the workshop and wanted something to get her back into sewing again.  Judging by the lovely results she achieved I think she’s found it!

cushion making workshopHere’s Joy looking very pleased with her new cushion cover.  Joy has been sewing for a long time and given a chance will hand sew everything, I think she quite enjoys my nagging to use the sewing machine though (!) and was very happy with the neat zip on this cushion cover and the speed in which she finished it.  She took home another cushion cover cut out and ready to put together.

cushion making workshopElizabeth was on a bit of a mission to make 2 complete sets of cushion covers at the workshop using this striped linen in lovely muted colours from Ditto.  After a bit of head scratching between us to try and get as many cushion covers as we possibly could from each fabric, she got 4 cut out and sewed up 2 of them.  Very impressive!

cushion making workshopThe front of Sam’s cushion was originally a tea towel.  We all agreed – far too nice to dry the pots with!  She has a set of them so wanted to know how to turn them into cushion covers.  She finished this one in the workshop and will no doubt soon have the full set.  She also made a start on a zipped box cushion for a chair seat.  Not bad for a day’s work.

Last, but not least, Laura embarked on the most ambitious cushion cover of the day which included; a zip, a patchworker front to include a piece of machine embroidery she had previously done and some piping around the edge using a continuous bias strip cut from one of her fabrics.  She got the bulk of it finished at the workshop with just the piping to attach in the seam around the edge.  She’s on a promise to send me pics of it when it’s finished!

Here’s what my 5 students thought of the day in their own words:

“Delighted with my cushion design and looking forward to finishing off at home. Great to learn some new skills like piping and making bias binding – two things have always wanted to do! Thank you.”  Laura

“Really satisfying and gratifying day.  Thank you.  I’m so pleased with my cushions which I wouldn’t have achieved without the patient teaching!”  Elizabeth

“An enjoyable and informative day – just what I needed to get back into the swing of sewing…..feeling inspired.”  Larissa

“What a satisfying day!  I’m delighted with my cushion cover and feel inspired to get on and make some more.  Wendy’s advice and assistance was invaluable as ever – dredging back my old sewing experience to make some wonderful cushions.”  Sam

“I really enjoyed today, very successful and had lovely company.  Hope to come again!”  Joy

Sunny cushion making day at MIY Workshop

The weather was gorgeous and today was the first Cushion Workshop at MIY Workshop.  I could have filled it twice over with the people that wanted to do it and today’s results were impressive, so I’ll definitely be running it again.  Date tbc between July and December.

So, it all starts with some accurate measuring and cutting of squares and rectangles…harder than you might think!

Next come some accurate, straight seams…

Then you get to enjoy all your hard work!  Here’s Ann impressed with her newly discovered zip sewing skills and her cushion made from some great Ikea fabric.

Claire has a pile of fabric treasures found on Ebay to work through and this is an excellent start – a beautifully sewn cushion cover with a lapped zip across the back.

Kate used some lovely African print fabric and was very proud of her buttonholes across the back of her cushion!

And last, my original samples – not your average, ordinary cushions!

Marie and Auder were soooo close to finishing too.  Auder was turning her mum’s tapestries into cushion covers – a practical way to be able to use and admire her mum’s handiwork.  Marie began a zebra print cushion production line!!  I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the fuschia pink piped zebra cushions once they’re finished!

Here’s what my students thought of today:

“I really enjoyed it all.”

“Very enjoyable day.”

What did you enjoy most?

“Satisfaction of making my own cushion!”

“The quiet concentration and the finished product!”

“Tutor’s attention at all times.”

Someone once described cushions to me as the equivalent of adding lipstick to a room!  I love that.

Sewing & Pattern Cutting – equipment & materials

As I’ve started sourcing various bits of equipment and materials for MIY Workshop and been asked by students if I can get various things for them, I decided to put together a price list and sell a limited range of things.

These items are not available through my website, just at the workshop.  I won’t be holding masses of stock, so if you would like something let me know and if I don’t have it I can order it in for you.

L Square (the long aluminium set square I have at MIY Workshop – very handy for pattern cutting and making cushions & curtains) £25.00
Small embroidery type scissors (Mundial) £  5.70
Large fabric scissors (Mundial) £13.50
Bondaweb (per ½ metre piece) £ 1.30
Duck feather cushion pads:
30cm x 30cm £ 4.50
41cm x 41cm £ 6.00
45cm x 45cm £ 8.00