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A curtain for MIY Workshop

Those of you who know MIY Workshop will understand why I wanted to make some curtains for the cutting room.  Certainly not to block out any light, but to block out a less than lovely view of the back yard.

To make sure I didn’t block out any necessary daylight, I knew I needed to use some lightweight, light coloured fabrics.  I could have just gone for white muslin, but then remembered my collection of old hand embroidered household textiles.

Whenever I go to a car boot sale or charity shop there’s always a box of beautiful household textiles consisting of hand embroidered tablecloths and runners, usually priced very cheaply and mostly ignored.  At some point in the past some anonymous person will have spent a lot of time and skill on each of these lovely items and I just can’t leave them there ignored and unappreciated.  Consequently I have acquired rather a lot of these items without much idea of what I will do with them!

I’d much rather look at them than have them stored away in a box, so I patchworked together a few to make a simple curtain.  I hope my students will now enjoy them as much as I know I will.

I chose some that I find particularly interesting:

The big central square piece has this fantastic hand embroidered map of central London, complete with iconic landmarks.

Here’s a close-up of the piece on the right hand side of the curtain; it’s not the most beautiful example of hand embroidery, or a particularly unusual design, but what I like about it is the fact it’s unfinished….