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A Crafty Business Talk by Yours Truly!

OK, public speaking is absolutely NOT one of the things I was born to do.  However, when Sarah one of the organisers of Brighton’s Craftaganza Live events asked me to talk she was very persuasive.  The date she suggested seemed ages away and so I rashly thought, well, why not, push yourself out of your comfort zone Wendy it will be good for you.

Saying yes to things that you automatically want to say no to because it seems a bit difficult is a pearl of wisdom that I like to drop into other peoples’ laps, so I’m taking my own advice.

The event is on Wednesday 26th June at 7pm at The Old Market in Hove.  It’s free and there is a bar from which I will be trying to stay well away (!)  The flyer with full details is below.  I’m hoping to see a few friendly supportive faces out there in the audience so please do come along if you can.  I can’t promise that I’ll make an awful lot of sense, but I guarantee I will be trying my very bestest.

Craftaganza Live JUNE