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Styling & Sewing Talk at MIY Workshop

Yesterday’s first Styling talk by Clary Fisher was a great success.  Even I left feeling inspired to organise a capsule wardrobe free of “wardrobe irritants” and one of our attendees Michala went home and spent 6 hours decluttering her wardrobe, putting unworn clothes into vac pack storage, collecting clothes for her local charity shop and making herself a pile of alterations to get stitching!

Here are a few snapshots of Clary and her engrossed audience…

stylingtalk2An on-the-spot interactive bit where Clary looked at unworn items that people had brought in to try to identify how they could be changed to become well-worn items!

stylingtalk1And focussed concentration while Clary talked about all the other aspects in addition to clothes – like hair, make-up and shoes and showed the group a collection of inspiring items from her own wardrobe that she has altered and adapted to make work for her.

Everyone took away some food for thought from the session and some inspired enthusiasm to go through their wardrobes with a fresh eye.  For me the key take-home ideas were:

  • balance – styling isn’t necessarily about hiding or disguising parts of yourself, rather about balancing everything out – as Clary reminded us “the eye reads beauty in symmetry”
  • editing – you’re not going to feel your best in every colour, shape or style, so you need to edit your wardrobe
  • focussed shopping, rather than impulse shopping – go shopping with a clear idea of what you’re looking for and research where you’re most likely to find it rather than dashing round the shops like a headless chicken and finishing up feeling frustrated and unsatisfied
  • be objective and start looking at your clothes (and those you try on in shops and sewing patterns and fabric you buy) objectively or with a trusted friend and step out of your comfort zone  – try on shapes and colours you wouldn’t normally go for and in shops that aren’t on your usual shopping route
  • shop less but better
  • make your clothes work for you – if garments in your wardrobe aren’t being worn, what can you change easily to make them into well-worn favourites?

As all of the above also applies to the clothes you sew and with this last point in mind myself and Clary are running a joint workshop in September.  Full details are below.  You don’t need to be a tailoring expert – with just a few sewing skills, some personalised styling advice and some sewing guidance and inspiration you can change those wardrobe-cluttering unworn garments into your new favourite outfits……

Let’s start thoughtful sewing and thoughtful shopping.