Here’s what students have thought of previous classes:

MAKE PYJAMA TROUSERS                                                                                “A great day. It’s been creative and fun. Wendy is an excellent teacher and guided me through the difficult parts. I’m delighted with my pyjama trousers. Thank you! Hilary

“My second workshop with Wendy and it was brilliant! Even when I made some mistakes Wendy knew how to still make it work! Can’t wait to do another class in the new year. Thank you.” Georgia

“Great day. I always felt that I could ask for help and was also comfortable to use my initiative and have a go on my own. The day went too fast!” Jo

“Very thorough, thank you so much for all your help!” Rebecca

“A thoroughly enjoyable day and much learnt! Look forward to the next one!!”Fiona

BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO DRESSMAKING                                                      “A wonderful day – thank you Wendy! I learned so much and feel confident to continue with the techniques at home with the help of your book. Highly recommended. Jennifer             

“Excellent class. Learnt loads of great tips and took the “scare” factor out of sewing with jersey fabrics. It was good that Wendy encouraged us to follow the instructions in the book too, rather than just copying teacher! Thanks. Jenni

“Thank you for a fab day. Really pleased with the shift dress I’ve made. I’ll be making another 4 or 5 in all different fabrics asap. Thanks again! Debbie

“Thank you Wendy! Fab day, lots of fun and learned so much. I’m well and truly over my fear of stretch fabrics! Emma

“From a complete, terrified beginner!! Easy to follow instructions, great tips along the way, I learnt so much and discovered where I need to practise – can’t wait to get home to try out the other patterns (and come along to more classes!). Jo

BEGINNERS’ PATTERN CUTTING                                                           “Really good day, practical, useful and mellow. Wendy is strict but funny which means you get things done and enjoy yourself.  And my skirt fits!!!  Thank you.  Lara

“Thank you. Very well structured and clearly laid out. An excellent workshop which leaves you wanting to do more! See you on the stretch workshop!” Harriet

“A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day and the skirt fits me! As an introduction to pattern cutting the day was great and I learned techniques applicable to all my sewing. Can’t wait to learn how to cut trousers to fit me!” Mary

“Thanks Wendy, this was a great way to spend a Sunday – learning how to make a skirt that really fits me in a supportive friendly group. Fun and informative with plenty of hints and tips on sewing generally thrown in.” Jenny

SUMMER FROCK MAKING                                                                      “Another great class with Wendy.  Such a nice way to spend a Sunday!  Left with something I will actually wear.  Wendy was a great teacher – very patient.  Chris

“The Summer Frock Making workshop was my first ever attempt at sewing and using a sewing machine. I walked away with a gorgeous dress for my holiday.  Looking forward to making a new wardrobe now!” Erin

“This is the 2nd workshop I’ve done and already feel so much happier and confident at my machine. Wendy is an excellent teacher.” Zoe

“A fantastic 1 day workshop, easily able to finish a jersey t-shirt dress and shrug which I’m very pleased with! The workshop is small in number so Wendy was able to provide plenty of equal attention to each student.” Helen

“Thank you for another great class where I felt like I learnt a lot and left feeling I could go home and make some more garments by myself. Your patient and relaxed style of teaching makes it very easy to learn.” Jen

SEWING WITH KNITS                                                                                            “I love coming to MIY – it’s a great escape from normal life as you get so lost in the sewing, and the ‘sewing with knits’ workshop was fantastic: lots of advice and personal attention to help you make a whole garment in a day. I was really pleased with the result, especially as I haven’t been near a machine in about 18 months, but I will be wearing my new dress all summer.  Kate

“Excellent day. I came full of apprehension about working with jersey fabric. I left with a fully completed beautifully fitting top and full of enthusiasm to start another garment at home. Many thanks Wendy.  Lesley

“Great day – was far easier than I expected and will be making lots more knit garments! Thank you.  Suzanne

“A great day with patient, helpful guidance using a lovely pattern. Thanks Wendy!”  Chris

“Knitted fabrics demystified for me thank you! Great to see so many types of knits and the different finished achieved. A good pace for learning and thrilled to take home a finished garment. Thank you Wendy for sharing your skills and enthusiasm.  Sharon

SEWING WITH KNITS                                                                                   “Great day, can’t believe I’ve mastered stretch fabric and actually finished the dress! Many thanks!  Claire

“Thank you Wendy for yet another brilliant day. Very pleased with my t-shirt.  Georgia

“Did the sewing with knits workshop today. Wendy was very thorough and patient and her patterns very clear to understand. I haven’t used a sewing machine for 24 years and have a beautiful cardi to show for my day’s work. Thank you Wendy and look forward to doing the next course soon.  Dee

“A fun day! Learnt plenty of techniques to take home and an almost finished cardi! Thanks so much!  Charlotte

“Thanks Wendy! I made a great pair of unique leggings. I am an experienced sewer but had no confidence with knits and I’ve learned so much today.  Erica

BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO DRESSMAKING                                                “Very relaxed atmosphere. Really enjoyed the day and great to go home with a finished t-shirt I’ve made myself and can wear!  Kelly

“Excellent intro to dressmaking – just the inspiration I needed. Thank you.  Jane

“I had a great refresher day, with lots of information, tips and encouragement. Thanks a lot, I’ll be back!  Beatrice

“Thoroughly enjoyable day. Attention to detail was excellent but at all times encouraged to give it a go! Thank you.  Fiona

“Another wonderful day at the workshop! Thank you for making sure I went home with a completed garment Wendy!  Katherine

MAKE YOUR FIRST GARMENT IN A DAY                                     “Absolutely fantastic day, I’m an absolute beginner and came away with a dress I made and love.  Louise

“Really exciting to have something completed to go home with. I had a really fun day and learnt loads. Thanks!  Tracey-Leigh

“A lovely way to spend a day, being creative with like-minded people. Having a bit of banter with nice cups of tea and by the end of it all you have a lovely handmade creation!  Lesley

“A really good day!! Learnt lots of basic techniques which will be very enjoyable to put into practise.  Anne

“Lovely day as so very helpful to learn how to do things properly!  Kate

BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO DRESSMAKING                                            “Wendy is a great teacher and made me feel like I could actually sew! I hope this is just the beginning of making things for me and my little girl.  Zoe

“Brilliant day – excellent tuition covering everything from the basics to finishing the garment. I feel I now have the courage to tackle some of the other projects in Wendy’s book. A day well spent. Thank you.” Lesley

“Really enjoyed the day. Wendy was very helpful and the instructions in the book are easy to follow, but it was helpful having someone to guide you too. Thank you!” Maria

“Really great day with lots of helpful tips on how to sew using a machine. Wendy was extremely patient and am looking forward to using her lovely book.” Chris

“Excellent day. Very easy to follow instructions and Wendy was very patient. Can’t believe I managed to complete a top in less than one day. Highly recommend to anyone. Thanks!” Helen

LEARN TO SEW IN A DAY                                                                                    “A great class, thank you Wendy for sparking the interest in sewing which I hope will continue. I how feel ready to re-vitalise my tired cushions and feel confident using my machine. Many thanks!  Jen

“Thank you so much! You were super patient and inspiring. I really enjoyed the day and feel ready to move forward. You are a fantastic teacher.” George

“Thanks Wendy – what a great day. I found the workshop really satisfying. It has given me confidence to start sewing at home again. I felt the workshop was really clear and moved at a pace that kept me interested and able to cope with learning new skills in a group. Yet we were all given individual attention too. Great! Thanks!” Poppy

“A wonderful refresher on the basics of how to sew. Lovely environment and Wendy is a great instructor! Cant’ wait to get home and get sewing!” Rose

“Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and basic understanding for me to embark on a new project.” Katherine

PATTERN CUTTING FOR DRESSES 2                                                       “Once again another excellent workshop from Wendy. The secret to the wrinkle -free set-in sleeve was revealed! I highly recommend it if you’ve done the first one.  Michala

“The perfect set-in sleeve! Thank you for another very informative day.”Imogen

“The pattern cutting workshop has been really interesting. I now have a full fitted dress block to experiment with. Thanks a lot Wendy for your explanations and patience.” Maelenn

BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO DRESSMAKING                                           “Wendy, thank you so much for a lovely day. Brilliant book with very clear instructions for a complete beginner, I definitely have the bug!  Natalie

“Wendy is the most patient and informative sewing teacher ever! The course is worth every penny. Thanks Wendy for another great day!” Mel

“As always Wendy was great and her new book is fabulous – very clear and simple instructions, so difficult to come across in so-called beginner books. Great course. Loved it!” Salva

“A really helpful day which has given me the confidence to have a go at home.” Beth

“I wanted to learn some very basic sewing skills, I came away with so much more. Thank you. I think you will be seeing me again on future sewing courses.” Emily

PATTERN CUTTING FOR DRESSES 1                                                              “A very constructive day with very clear instructions to make a dress block. Wendy is very patient and full of hints and sewing tips. I am now inspired to go and make dresses in lots of different fabrics!  Sally

“Thank you for yet another lovely day! The course was well run with a lovely atmosphere and a block I can use to make my own patterns or amend store bought ones. It’s amazing that they manage to make “average” sizes when we’re all so different! See you on my November course, already looking forward to it!” Jo

“Really enjoyable day learning a new skill. Wendy is very patient. I’m looking forward to using my new pattern!” Claire

“Thanks for a really good day. We worked hard but the result is a lovely shift dress pattern that fits perfectly.” Hazel

SEWING WITH KNITS                                                                                        My first time sewing with knits was great.  Wendy’s pattern was easy and straightforward and thanks to her prior instructions I had all the right things with me.  As always Wendy was a wonderful teacher.  She’s patient, clear and fun to be around.  Looking forward to more workshops and classes.”  Assuntina

“I’ve had a wonderful day at MIY Workshop as usual.  Wendy’s been very helpful in giving guidance for sewing knits.  I haven’t had time to finish my cardi but I already know it’s gonna look gorgeous!”  Maelenn

“Lovely course, great to go home with a finished garment.  Very informative providing lots of useful tips and instructions.  Thanks Wendy!”  Gehya

“A very enjoyable and inspiring day.  I have learnt some new and useful tips and am keen to do more with renewed confidence.”  Andrea

“I’ve had a really lovely day learning about sewing with knits.  Wendy’s a great teacher – very patient and clear with instructions.”  Sally

MAKE YOUR OWN LEGGINGS                                                                 “Wendy as usual makes everything work, I could not believe that I would go home with a perfectly fitting pair of leggings and the day was such fun.”Brenda

“Fantastic course and a fab pair of leggings at the end of it.  Don’t know what all the fuss was about on the Great British Sewing Bee!” Naz

“I have had a fantastic day, Wendy taught me so much and the other girls were great fun.  I will certainly make more leggings now!” Joy

“Brilliant day, learned lots and was really good fun!” Mel

PATTERN CUTTING FOR TROUSERS                                              “Extremely pleased with the trousers.  Another very good workshop with great tuition and very good company.  A fun and constructive way to spend a Sunday.”  Fiona

“Great day.  Lovely people.  Made “bespoke” trousers just for me – hooray, finally!  Thank you.”  Debbie

“Fabulous day.  Really informative.  Wendy’s expert knowledge and endless patience has resulted in me having a perfect trouser block and knowledge of how to modify to create different trouser styles!”  Dianne

BEGINNERS’ PATTERN CUTTING                                                  “Thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt loads!  I came away enthused in the knowledge I can now customise the pattern and make some lovely new skirts.” Daisy

“Never thought it could be so easy to make a skirt that fits!  I wish I’d done this course years ago.” Sheila

“Such a brilliant course and day.  Wendy is friendly and made each state really clear.  I love my toile and will be back for more!” Lisa

SUMMER FROCK MAKING                                                                      “Another great workshop.  I love my dress.  Patient teacher, I met lovely people on the day – a great Sunday spent sewing and laughing!”  Debbie

“Just finished my dress at Wendy’s Summer Frock Making Workshop.  So pleased with the send result thanks to Wendy and all her help.  I will definitely be back soon to create another lovely outfit.”  Kerry

“Really loved the workshop.  I got a crash course in sewing…’s amazing how much you learn in one day.  Wendy is great, she gives precise instruction and has lots of patience for scared beginners.”  Aoife

“Had a great day and made a dress that actually fits me!  Thank you Wendy for your support and patience, will definitely be back to make another.”  Claire

“Wendy is an incredibly patient, calm and generous teacher.  A lovely atmosphere and a wonderful day spent sewing.  Would highly recommend.  Thank you!”  Vaska

MAKE YOUR OWN LEGGINGS                                                                            “I absolutely loved the day, despite the beautiful sunshine I enjoyed staying inside and making my leggings.  As always Wendy is a great and patient teacher!”  Salva

“A fun and informative workshop, clearly taught and sociable too!  I’m going home in my lovely new leggings!”  Clare

“Great fun – it’s so nice to be able to make something that properly fits.” Hannah

“Really enjoyed the day sewing with Wendy.  Finally, leggings that actually fit!”  Suzy

“I’ve had a really good day making leggings.  It was amazing to come with a piece of jersey and leave with a new pair of leggings that fit!”  Maelenn

PATTERN CUTTING FOR DRESSES 2                                                         “Had a great day!  Wendy patiently talked me through drafting a sleeve block and inserting a sleeve.  I can’t wait to get home and make my complete new dress.  Feeling really confident, thank you Wendy!”  Elaine

“What another wonderful class, thank you Wendy!”  Kate

“Yet more wonderful instruction from Wendy.  The result – a dress that fits everywhere.  Thank you.”  Tess

PATTERN CUTTING FOR TROUSERS                                                  “Another super day – the trousers are a perfect fit.  Would recommend these classes to anyone.  I came down from Luton and would come again!”  Lynne

“I am so very happy with the course under Wendy’s excellent tutelage and watchful eye.  I now have a trouser that fits really really great.  I’ll be able to use and adapt this pattern over and over.  This course increased my confidence in my sewing abilities, can’t wait to make my first perfectly fitting trousers!”  Giselle

“Small class size, thorough, detailed, well-paced, fun(!), friendly and a made-to-measure pattern to use time and time again!”  Cathy

“So before today I hadn’t even made a pair of trousers and yet after a mere 5 hours I’ve come home with a well fitting made-to-measure trouser toile!  Hoorah for Wendy.  Knowledge, patience and fun.  Many thanks.” Katie

PATTERN CUTTING FOR DRESSES 1 – THE BASICS                 “Absolutely amazing!  To be able to draft a perfectly fitting dress so quickly was brilliant.”  Dianne

“Great class, I now have a dress block that is a perfect fit and what a difference it makes!  Really wonderful class and Wendy is a highly knowledgeable teacher.”  Kate

“It fits!  Great day had by all thanks to Wendy’s very patient nature.  Dresses galore for the summer.”  Delia

“So looking forward to the next session and my dress will have sleeves too.  Thanks so much!”  Tess

MAKE YOUR OWN LEGGINGS WORKSHOP                                         “What a lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday!  The ever-patient Wendy and the four other ladies made for a relaxed and productive atmosphere and I even got to wear my new leggings home!  Another splendid workshop and I cannot wait for my next one.”  Jo

“Leggings are way easier than I thought and Wendy’s pattern is so much nicer than the ones in the shops!  (No outside seams down the legs!)  All my relatives (male & female) are going to get leggings for Christmas!”  Emma

“Loved the day spent with other sewing lovers.  Learnt lots and went home a very happy lady with a brilliant new pair of unique leggings.”  Maria

“Great workshop on making leggings.  Good fun, good day and fab results.  Can’t wait for the work shirt and trouser making day ahead (!)”  Debbie

“Wendy’s legging day was fantastic fun, a lot to learn in an enjoyable environment.  A great confidence boost for sewers of different abilities.  Will be looking forward to continuing classes.  Thank you!”  Rachel

BEGINNER’S PATTERN CUTTING WORKSHOP                                         “A great day.  I fell I’ve achieved so much in 5 hours.  I walked in with a meter of fabric, a bit of paper and a tape measure and an with an expert tutor I now have a skirt that fits beautifully!  Thank you Wendy, I can’t wait to do the other pattern cutting workshops!” Jan

“Wonderful advice and great fun.  Much easier than I expected!”  Jemma

“Really enjoyed the day and was surprised at the amount of work we got through.  The end result was so satisfying!  I look forward to the next class.”  Lynne

“I had a great day and came away with a good basic knowledge of making a pattern for a skirt in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.”  Elaine

SEWING WITH STRETCH KNITS                                                         “Brilliant! Loved it! Wendy is super knowledgeable and super helpful. I came away with a lovely top that I’ll certainly be wearing a lot, as well as a lot more confidence. Already looking forward to my next workshop.” Katie

“What a great day. made a dress and wore it home. FABULOUS! Lovely people, patient teacher, lots of laughs. A lovely way to spend a Sunday.” Debs

“Great fun day – so pleased with my results and have two great garments to wear. Wendy was a great teacher and very patient.” Louise

“What a great way to spend a day. And to think, I walk away with something new to wear. Fantastic.” Tess

“A really great day! Wendy was brilliant at helping me get to grips with sewing with jersey. I’m totally converted. Thank you!” Kate

FABRIC PRINTING WITH STENCILS                                                          The stencilling workshop really gets the creative juices going and it is very satisfying to be able to completely transform a garment in such a short time.  Really enjoyable – would definitely recommend.”  Lucy

“Really inspiring and helpful to learn new techniques.  Great studio space to work in and nice to meet like-minded people and be creative together.  Love this super simple printing technique that anyone can do, definitely recommend to anybody!”  Nicky

“Well, what can I say, I’ve been called arty 3 times!  A fab day, great fun, created amazing t-shirts with different designs and had a really good laugh with the other people.  Let’s do it again soon!”  Debbie

SKIRT MAKING                                                                                                      An excellent day with lots of support, encouragement and giggles!  I have a beautiful skirt and lots of new skills.  Thoroughly recommend and I cannot wait for my next course!  Thank you Wendy.”  Jo

“A lovely day with lovely people.  Wendy created a really relaxed atmosphere – but I managed to sew my first skirt with ease.”  Penny

“A day making a skirt which was easy and enjoyable.  I also met some lovely friendly people.  Wendy is a fantastic tutor – very patient!”  Joy

“Fabulous day – made a lovely skirt, learnt more techniques and had great fun!”  Debbie

“A wonderful day!  Wendy is an excellent teacher – can’t wait to learn more!”  Rose

BEGINNERS PATTERN CUTTING                                                             “Came very apprehensive, left with something that fits!!  Made a depressing Sunday in February end with sunshine, thanks.” Delia

“Very enjoyable and rewarding, make a complete bespoke garment for myself in 1 session which fits beautifully.  Good fun, lovely people, great day sewing.”  Debbie

“Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative workshop.  For the first time in my life I have a skirt that fits!” Helen

“Thanks very much, I had a lovely day – went so quickly!  Will be back for another workshop very soon!”  Sarah

HOW TO USE YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR DRESSMAKING                                                          “A brilliant course if you’ve got a new machine and you need to learn the basics.  Takes the fear out of sewing!” Jayne

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Perfect for beginners who need to get to know and make friends with their machine :o)  Now I can practice these new skills to help me get ready for other classes!  Can’t wait to come again.  Thank you Wendy.”  Jess

“Demystifying – I can go home and actually use my machine now!”  Karen

“Really useful workshop – I’m no longer scared of sewing machines!  Definitely gave me the basics and inspiration to start some projects.  Thanks!”  Harriet

“Wendy was great!  She explained sewing in a simple, easy-to-understand way.  It doesn’t seem so scary now!  I’m ready to experiment with sewing.”  Serena

PATTERN CUTTING FOR TROUSERS                                                             “A great session, Wendy is very patient and informative and makes everything so easy to follow.  I look forward to seeing my finished trousers.” Suzanne

“I really enjoyed my first class at MIY Workshop and am inspired to go home and get sewing!” Beverley

“A very productive workshop which has given me an in-depth insight into pattern cutting for trousers.  Wendy explained everything very well and in a way that I could understand and take away with me for future use.  Can’t wait to finish my trousers!” Alison

SEWING WITH KNITS                                                                                            “I had a lovely afternoon at MIY Workshop, Wendy was always on hand to help with my garment.  I’m looking forward to wearing my new skirt!” Dawn

“I have never made anything with jersey fabric before and really enjoyed this workshop.  Wendy was friendly and very helpful and I would like to do more workshops.” Teruka

“The day was very interesting, I really enjoyed sewing the skirt.  Wendy is very friendly and patient and I will be back for sure.” Michelle

CUSHION MAKING                                                                                  “Delighted with my cushion design and looking forward to finishing off at home. Great to learn some new skills like piping and making bias binding – two things have always wanted to do! Thank you.”  Laura

“Really satisfying and gratifying day.  Thank you.  I’m so pleased with my cushions which I wouldn’t have achieved without the patient teaching!”  Elizabeth

“An enjoyable and informative day – just what I needed to get back into the swing of sewing…..feeling inspired.”  Larissa

“What a satisfying day!  I’m delighted with my cushion cover and feel inspired to get on and make some more.  Wendy’s advice and assistance was invaluable as ever – dredging back my old sewing experience to make some wonderful cushions.”  Sam

“I really enjoyed today, very successful and had lovely company.  Hope to come again!”  Joy

BEGINNER’S PATTERN CUTTING                                                                 Yet another great day learning to sew…..again.  Finally I can wear something that fits!”  Deb

So lovely to have a pattern that truly fits ME!!  Great workshop covering everything from pattern through to stitching the skirt together.”  Mary

A wonderful day I understood everything that Wendy said and I was very pleased with the end result.  I’ve started with the skirt block and I will be coming back to do the dress block!”  Georgia

Brilliant day, only 4 in the group so really had time with Wendy to learn.  Would love to come back for the dress course!”  Claire

 PATTERN CUTTING FOR DRESSES                                                                 “I attended the dress block pattern course and it was excellent, very informative and very productive (especially for a Sunday!), I cant believe after one days work I now have a dress pattern which I can make again and again and for it to fit perfectly every time. And if I ever do loose that stone I planned on loosing in January, I’m confident that I can now redraft the block on my own with all the handouts provided. I had a really good time and I’ve already brought some fabric to make my first proper dress from the pattern! Thanks Wendy”  Sarah

“An informative, fast paced and fun day. And I got a made-to-measure dress toile and pattern, drafted by me (under the watchful eye of Wendy), to my personal measurements. What a great way to spend a day.”  Cathy

SEWING WITH KNITS                                                                            “Enjoyable day as always – Wendy’s patterns are so easy to use and well designed.  Am delighted with my skirt, thank you!”  Laura

“I really enjoyed the workshop – lovely atmosphere, lovely people, a day very well spent.  Thank you Wendy!  I had a great time and I am happily back to sewing after some 20 odd years!”  Elena

“Really enjoyed the day.  Very informative and now feel more confident to work with jersey.”  Tricia

“Thanks for a great day.  Tacking tacking tacking – essential for a perfect finish!!”  Debbie

“Thank you very much Wendy for a lovely Sunday!  I feel much more confident sewing with knit fabrics with your advice regarding stitches and needles to use.  Jersey fabric is so great to sew with and I loved using your dress pattern.”  Amandine

HOW TO USE YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR DRESSMAKING                                                                 “Small class really meant you got full attention and all the help you need.  Day went so quick as I finally fell in love with my machine again and am raring to get home and get started.  Thank you!”  Kathryn

“Very, very, very good!  Helped demystify my very basic machine.  Inspired to actually use it and begin some simple projects.” Annette

“Thanks so much Wendy, a great introductory course, I now feel confident to start sewing.” Delia

“Wendy made using a sewing machine seem accessible really quickly.  The workshop moves at a good pace with the next thing to learn always being around the corner.  I left with usable skills and know that I will come back for more.” Germaine

“As a total beginner the course was perfect to get me going.  I am now ready to have a go using a sewing machine independently.  Wendy is an excellent teacher – calm, thorough and very knowledgable.” Sophie

PATTERN CUTTING FOR DRESSES WORKSHOP                                      “A busy day, which flew by.  An amazing class for someone who wants to make clothes that actually fit properly.  Wendy explained everything clearly and patiently and gave individual attention over points that needed clarification.  Very highly recommended!”  Barbara

“Really enjoyed it, learnt far more than I thought I would, very friendly and open to all questions – never felt stupid!”  Sophie

“Had a wonderful instructive day and learnt so much.  I now have a dress toile that fits me!”  Jackie

“Really great class.  Learnt so much and left with lots we can make.  Wendy was very patient and explained everything very well.  Will be coming back again ASAP!”  Sylvie

SUMMER FROCK MAKING WORKSHOP                                                 “From the friendly atmosphere, the patient and detailed help and guidance to the utterly splendiferous finished frock (even if I do say so myself!) it has been an absolute pleasure and delight to go on the course today!  I heartily recommend it to the less experienced and slightly clueless but enthusiastic sewing machine users (like me), to those who want to try something new.  Thank you again for such a lovely day and you’ll be seeing me again in the future!”

“Thanks Wendy, the class was a lot of fun and it was great to get back into sewing.  It’s so wonderful to be going home with a dress and I look forward to coming back soon!”

“Fantastic dress making day with Wendy.  Can’t wait until this pattern is available so I can make another one of them!”

“Really enjoyable day.  It was the first time I had used knit fabric and I finished a dress and am pleased with the results!”

SUMMER FROCK MAKING WORKSHOP                                               “Today was invaluable!  As someone who has only made basic household items and can do little more, I found today perfectly pitched for my ability and confidence level.  I came out with a lovely dress that I made from start to finish.  Wendy’s personable nature, small class sizes and expertise ensured that I was 100% satisfied with the experience and will be visiting again soon.”

“Really enjoyed the course it was so exciting to make something that fits properly, I will definitely be back again.  Thank you!”

SUMMER FROCK MAKING WORKSHOP                                             “Thanks so much for today’s Frock Making workshop. It was really rewarding to rediscover skills I thought I’d forgotten and to go home at the end of the day with a new frock to wear. It’s definitely inspired me to make time for more sewing at home and I will be most certainly be back for another course soon.”
“I’m really happy with it. Just need some sunshine to wear it now! I thought it was great day, quite hard work for me but I really enjoyed it. The dress pattern was easy to use, and each step easy to follow – your advice is excellent as always.” 
“The dress is finished, it only took about a hour to do. I am very pleased with it, can’t wait for some sunshine to wear it now!”

SEWING WITH KNITS                                                                               “Wendy’s workshop was fun, relaxing and a great way to spend my Sunday.  She was very friendly and available for support throughout the day.  I’ll be back for more sewing, thank you very much!”

“Thanks for a great day!  Learnt lots and no longer afraid of stretch fabrics!”

And a write-up by one of the students on her blog:

SKIRT MAKING WORKSHOP                                                                       “Great fun, relaxed and friendly workshop and a fab skirt to take home at the end of it.”                                                                                                                         “Thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s really good to have something to wear at the end of the day!  Will definitely be back for more workshops.”                             “Wonderful day.  Lovely to have a finished product!  Never made to feel stupid as I was a beginner.  Wendy is very patient and makes a great cup of tea (!)” “Really useful workshop – individual attention when needed, really pleased with the result!”                                                                                                                          “Very satisfying finishing a skirt for myself and Wendy kept me going with cups of tea!”

HOW TO USE YOUR SEWING MACHINE WORKSHOP                                                                                                                                            “I definitely feel more confident with my machine, Wendy gave me a few tips which have been golden nuggets of sewing advice!”                                              “Went away much more confident :o)”                                                                                      “Very handy and informative.”                                                                                                       “Learnt skills that I will take with me through my future sewing experiences.  Taught in a fun and interactive environment.”

HOW TO USE YOUR SEWING MACHINE WORKSHOP                      What did you enjoy most?
“Hands on machine knowledge.”
“Gaining a good all round knowledge.”
“Learning more about how the machine works.”

And about the workshop overall:
“Really clear concise info, friendly and fun.  Learned a lot!”

“Great time all round, fab project.”
                                                                            “Excellent day and company.  Learned loads.”
                                                              What did you enjoy most about the day?  “Getting to go home with a new item of clothing, feeling industrious.”

PATTERN CUTTING WORKSHOP                                                   
“Supportive, positive, step-by-step instructions and guidance throughout the session.”
“It’s been awesome!”
“A great way to spend a Sunday.  Highly recommendable.”

“Fantastically helpful and inspiring, very patient and clear teaching.”
“Really good and useful workshop.”
What did you enjoy most?
“Having time to ‘play’ with my machine and find what it could do.”

“Really enjoyed this class and achieved a lot more than I thought I would.  Highly recommend it, especially if you’ve got some old damaged or marked favourite clothes that you want to be able to wear again.”

“Being given some great tips on detail and best practice, which will be great for all future projects.”
“Thanks so much for a fabulous and inspiring Sunday.”

What did you enjoy most?
“All of it.”
“Learning to create a block and pattern and creating a garment at the end.”
And from one student who came back for more:
“Your courses are wonderful, lovely atmosphere, always nice people.”

“It has got me back into wanting to make clothes again, because I can make something that fits me.”
“I have really enjoyed it, the help was good and encouraging.”

SKIRT-MAKING WORKSHOP                                                                       What did you enjoy most?                                                                                           “That I could follow clear instructions and did not feel out of my depth.  The teaching was excellent.”

“Making a complete skirt.”
“The sense of achievement in making my first complete skirt.”


Here’s what they had to say about the day:
“Very creative environment.”
“Wendy was very helpful, thank you!”

What did you enjoy most?
“Finishing a toile successfully and it fitted.  Hooray!”                                          
”Trying my skirt on!”
“Making something from scratch.”

“Excellent course and a great result with my toile, thanks Wendy.”
“Massive sense of achievement.  Went home happy.”
“Lovely, very creative environment, central location which is good.”

BEGINNERS PATTERN-CUTTING WORKSHOP – SKIRTS                      “I have loved it!  Can’t wait until the next course.”

What did you enjoy most about the course? “All of it!”    “The actual ‘putting it all together’ and seeing that it did fit!”

What did you enjoy least?   “Nothing.”

’nuff said.

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