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Which Sewing Machine to Buy?


A question I’m asked a lot and one that I wrote a blog post about a few years ago.  I don’t think I’ve ever shared it though, so here it is over on my other website:

Love your Sewing Machine and get familiar with it!



A little whistlestop tour of some of the main features of most sewing machines and some tips on what some of them actually do!

Get familiar with your machine and get the best out of it…..


Competition – win one of my little wooden sewing tools!

tools-april13-fangateimageI’m running a competition over on Facebook which closes on Monday 6th May at 7pm.

If you’d like to win one of my little wooden sewing tools there are 3 up for grabs.  All you have to do is leave your name and email address, here’s the link to enter:

Good luck!

MIY Workshop tools are here!

Some of you are aware that for a while I’ve been developing some specialist tools for MIY Workshop.  At last they’re ready!

Here they are:

First up the MIY Workshop little sewing tool.  Made of cherry veneer wood with engraved markings you can use this handy little gadget to quickly and accurately mark 1cm / 1.5cm / 2.5cm  and 5cm seam and hem lines, mark the bias at 45˚, use the point to poke out nice pointy corners in your sewing and with the aid of 2 pencils use the drill holes to draw 2cm/4cm/6cm and 8cm diameter circles.

Next up:

The MIY Workshop pattern cutting and sewing ruler.  Made of smokey brown see through perspex with engraved markings this ruler is useful when sewing and pattern cutting.  The rulers running horizontally and vertically allow you to quickly add seam and hem allowances to your patterns up to 6cm, the horizontal ruler edge measures 30cm.  The ruler also has a 90˚ right angled corner and opposite a 45˚ edge.  There’s also a curved edge to help draw in smooth curves at sleeve heads and armholes.  And of course it has a handy hole for hanging it up out of the way in your workspace.

Both these tools are available to buy now at MIY Workshop and at my MIY Collection Etsy shop:

Introductory prices:

MIY Workshop Little Sewing Tool – £8

MIY Workshop Pattern Cutting & Sewing Ruler – £16

Buy both as a set for £20.

Should I buy an overlocker?

For anyone currently considering, or has ever considered buying an overlocker, have a read of my guide on my other blog before you open your purse….!