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My Jacket & More in Mollie Makes Sewing Book-a-zine

The Mollie Makes team have a brilliant book-a-zine out this month devoted to sewing clothes and accessories.  Obviously that gets a thumbs up from me, but a double thumbs up because I’m all over it!!

molliemakes-sewingbookazine-coverThere I am on the list of contributors on the cover….

molliemakes-sewingbookazine-contributors…..and  seem to have found myself in the company of some well known “celebrity” stitchers on the contents page!  

The magazine is packed full of projects, reviews, tips and inspiration.  There’s a review of my book “The Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking”, keeping good company with the Sewing Bee book:


A slightly abridged version of the Zip Jacket project from my book is included with the magazine (all the projects are pdf download patterns):


I even squeezed my mug onto the very last page with an interview:


Get yourself a copy – it’s great value at £7.99 with 20 projects included. That should keep anyone busy for a while!

A New Series for Sewing World Magazine

I’m very happy to be back with a new regular series for Sewing World magazine this month.  Even happier because it’s all about my favourite subject: Sewing With Knits!

I managed to catch up with Julie the editor at the Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace last week and she gave me a copy of this issue hot off the press.  Here it is in all its glory:

Sewing with Knits

This first part is a thorough background to all the different kinds of knitted fabrics available and their versatile uses.  If you’re a new or experienced dressmaker who is terrified of sewing knitted fabrics, I recommend a read.  It’s nowhere near as scary as you think and I hope to dispel a few of the myths I regularly hear about working with knitted fabrics along the way.  This is the November issue of Sewing World and it’s out now!

The fabrics for this series have been generously provided by Art Gallery fabrics who have just introduced knitted fabrics into their comprehensive range.

If you’re tempted to have a go and struggle to find nice knitted fabrics, have a read of my “Where to Buy Stretch Knit Fabrics” guide here.

How to Use Bias Binding

It’s my last article in the Finishing Touches series for Sewing World magazine this month and it’s all about bias binding – how to make your own and different ways to use it.  It’s the August issue which is out now and is on pages 68-70.

how to use bias binding

I won’t be leaving Sewing World for good – I return in the November issue to start a new series!  Nope I’m not telling you what it is for now but both me and Julie the editor are really excited about it…….

How to Make Perfect Patch Pockets in Sewing World Magazine


For Sewing World magazine this month it’s all about making patch pockets.

Thought they were too simple to merit a place in the Finishing Touches category?  Well they are one of the easier pockets to make and attach but there are a few little things you can do to make yours look perfect rather than just ok.

It’s on pages 52-54 of the July issue which is out now.

All About Buttons in Sewing World Magazine


My Finishing Touches series in Sewing World magazine is all about buttons this month – how to make fabric buttons, sewing thread button loops and the best way to sew on a button.  You might think you already know the last one, but have a read to make sure!

It’s on pages 58-60 of the June issue which is available now for a snip at £4.99.

Rouleau Loops in Sewing World Magazine


Rouleau loops are a real display of top notch sewing skills.  In the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee they were included in a challenge to make a girl’s dress and described as a “couture” technique.

Well, if you’re looking for a bit of a sewing project this Easter weekend, rouleau loops aren’t just for making dainty shoulder straps or button loops.  Have a look at my article for the May issue of Sewing World which is out now.  I show you two different ways to make beautiful rouleau loops and hopefully leave you inspired use them in some ways you might not ever have considered.

It’s on pages 64 to 66 and Sewing World is only £4.99 which includes full size pull-out pattern sheets.

Happy sewing!

What do you want to read in a Sewing Magazine?

I’m going to be writing another series for Sewing World Magazine when my current one (Finishing Touches) comes to an end.  Before Finishing Touches, I wrote a series on  Customising shop bought garments.

I’ve a few ideas for what I could do next, but I’d like to know dear reader, what you would like to see from a regular series in a monthly sewing magazine?

I’m all ears…….

No. 2 of my Finishing Touches Series for Sewing World Magazine


Last month was bound buttonholes, this month it’s “Decorative Seams” for my Finishing Touches series.

It covers piped seams and slot or channel seams.  Piping is a great way to pick out details like collar edges, pockets, etc and to highlight seams, slot seams can look fab down the sides of skirts and trousers.

Two techniques to give your garments the edge.  Have a go, before you know it you’ll be piping everything.

It’s on pages 64 to 66 of the April issue of the magazine which is out now priced £4.99 which isn’t going to break the bank and that also includes a full-size pull-out pattern section.  It’s stocked in WH Smiths if you were wondering…..!

A New Series for Sewing World Magazine – Finishing Touches

The March issue of Sewing World magazine is out now and has the first article of my new series on pages 68-71.  The series is called Finishing Touches and will explain how to add beautiful and professional details to a garment.

The first in the series shows you step-by-step how to make a perfect bound buttonhole.  They’re not as scary as you may think and look a squillion times better than a machine made buttonhole, especially on coats and jackets.

Go on, try one.  You might just surprise yourself and start putting them in everything you make…..!


Last Customising Project for Sewing World Magazine

The last in my customising series for Sewing World is in the February issue which is out now.  Everyone has an old pair of jeans sitting in the back of the wardrobe.  Dig them out and turn this….


Into this…….


There are so many different ways you can do this, I’ll bet everyone that has a go ends up with a totally different style of skirt…..long, short, contrast fabrics, flared skirt, pencil skirt, finished with bias binding, frayed hem……  It’s on pages 69 to 71.  Go on, what are you waiting for!!


In March I have a new series starting in Sewing World called Finishing Touches.  The first in the series will be all about how to make beautiful bound buttonholes.