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Rouleau Loops in Sewing World Magazine


Rouleau loops are a real display of top notch sewing skills.  In the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee they were included in a challenge to make a girl’s dress and described as a “couture” technique.

Well, if you’re looking for a bit of a sewing project this Easter weekend, rouleau loops aren’t just for making dainty shoulder straps or button loops.  Have a look at my article for the May issue of Sewing World which is out now.  I show you two different ways to make beautiful rouleau loops and hopefully leave you inspired use them in some ways you might not ever have considered.

It’s on pages 64 to 66 and Sewing World is only £4.99 which includes full size pull-out pattern sheets.

Happy sewing!

The First Fabric Printing Workshop

I was quite hesitant about running a fabric printing class at MIY Workshop.  As it’s a space predominantly for sewing and I like to keep it spick and span, the thought of a group of students all using paint made me feel a bit twitchy!!

But what a fab day it was.  Here’s my group, heads down concentrating on their first piece:


We had a good mixture of designs made using my templates and ideas for designs that students brought along with them to the workshop.

concentration2Here’s Lucy doing some concentrated cutting of her freezer paper stencil.

concentration1Nicky turning her head inside out and back to front trying to work out how to turn her own design into a stencil!

concentration3And Debbie being “arty”!

After much concentration, cutting and painting we had a few garments and fabric lengths laid out to dry.


And here are some of the fabulous end results that were dry before the end of the workshop……

endresultsTwo foxy faces using one of my templates by Lucy and Debbie and a cute heart design created by Nicky.

endresults2Another foxy face for a small person and a really cute bear design by Sandra – she made the bear print from a drawing by her daughter.  I think said daughter will be very happy when Sandra turns this into a top for her!

endresults3And not long after the workshop Debbie emailed me this picture of her “arty” sheep!  A design based on fabric that she’s made pj trousers from.  So now she has a co-ordinating set.

Here’s what my students thought of the day:

“The stencilling workshop really gets the creative juices going and it is very satisfying to be able to completely transform a garment in such a short time.  Really enjoyable – would definitely recommend.”  Lucy

“Really inspiring and helpful to learn new techniques.  Great studio space to work in and nice to meet like-minded people and be creative together.  Love this super simple printing technique that anyone can do, definitely recommend to anybody!”  Nicky

“Well, what can I say, I’ve been called arty 3 times!  A fab day, great fun, created amazing t-shirts with different designs and had a really good laugh with the other people.  Let’s do it again soon!”  Debbie

If you feel inspired to have a go at a bit of fabric printing like this, I will be running this workshop again later in the year.  To get priority booking on all my classes before they’re advertised, sign up for my newsletter here: