Another Sewing with Knits Workshop

I’ve been a bit slow at posting write-ups of workshops and pictures of students’ fabulous creations recently, so here’s the first of a few belated posts, this one from my ever-popular Sewing with Knits workshop.

sewing with knitsFirst up Chris in her really cute little floral print version of the MIY Collection Vest.

sewing with knitsNext Sharon in the dress version of the vest above.  This fabric had a lovely texture which you can’t really see in the picture.  (Sharon has since gone on to make several more of these!)

sewing with knitsAnd Kate in another printed jersey.  Kate used to be a regular at MIY Workshop before she started writing best-selling cook books, but she wanted to get back into sewing again and made an excellent start here!

We also had two almost finished drapey cardigans.

Here’s what the students thought of their day:

“I love coming to MIY – it’s a great escape from normal life as you get so lost in the sewing, and the ‘sewing with knits’ workshop was fantastic: lots of advice and personal attention to help you make a whole garment in a day. I was really pleased with the result, especially as I haven’t been near a machine in about 18 months, but I will be wearing my new dress all summer.  Kate

“Excellent day. I came full of apprehension about working with jersey fabric. I left with a fully completed beautifully fitting top and full of enthusiasm to start another garment at home. Many thanks Wendy.  Lesley

“Great day – was far easier than I expected and will be making lots more knit garments! Thank you.  Suzanne

“A great day with patient, helpful guidance using a lovely pattern. Thanks Wendy!”  Chris

“Knitted fabrics demystified for me thank you! Great to see so many types of knits and the different finished achieved. A good pace for learning and thrilled to take home a finished garment. Thank you Wendy for sharing your skills and enthusiasm.  Sharon

This workshop will be running again between July and December this year.  I’m working on the new timetable as we speak!  If you’d like to be one of the first to hear about new classes and get priority booking before they are advertised online, sign-up to my newsletter here.

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