A New Series for Sewing World Magazine

I’m very happy to be back with a new regular series for Sewing World magazine this month.  Even happier because it’s all about my favourite subject: Sewing With Knits!

I managed to catch up with Julie the editor at the Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace last week and she gave me a copy of this issue hot off the press.  Here it is in all its glory:

Sewing with Knits

This first part is a thorough background to all the different kinds of knitted fabrics available and their versatile uses.  If you’re a new or experienced dressmaker who is terrified of sewing knitted fabrics, I recommend a read.  It’s nowhere near as scary as you think and I hope to dispel a few of the myths I regularly hear about working with knitted fabrics along the way.  This is the November issue of Sewing World and it’s out now!

The fabrics for this series have been generously provided by Art Gallery fabrics who have just introduced knitted fabrics into their comprehensive range.

If you’re tempted to have a go and struggle to find nice knitted fabrics, have a read of my “Where to Buy Stretch Knit Fabrics” guide here.

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