Pattern Cutting for Dresses

Sunday 11th May was a day of dresses at MIY Workshop!

It’s a full-on workshop this one, but the effort students put in is worth it.  They were all thrilled by the end result of a perfectly fitting dress.  It always surprises me when students are so surprised with their results!

We all agreed that when a garment fits you properly it is just about the most flattering and nice to wear garment that you will ever put on.  Also confirmed by the fact that one student arrived for the workshop in one of 5 perfectly fitting skirts she’s made herself after attending my Beginners’ Pattern Cutting workshop.  What better way to spend a Sunday?

Here’s what they all thought of the day:

“Absolutely amazing!  To be able to draft a perfectly fitting dress so quickly was brilliant.”  Dianne

“Great class, I now have a dress block that is a perfect fit and what a difference it makes!  Really wonderful class and Wendy is a highly knowledgeable teacher.”  Kate

“It fits!  Great day had by all thanks to Wendy’s very patient nature.  Dresses galore for the summer.”  Delia

“So looking forward to the next session and my dress will have sleeves too.  Thanks so much!”  Tess

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