What do you want to read in a Sewing Magazine?

I’m going to be writing another series for Sewing World Magazine when my current one (Finishing Touches) comes to an end.  Before Finishing Touches, I wrote a series on  Customising shop bought garments.

I’ve a few ideas for what I could do next, but I’d like to know dear reader, what you would like to see from a regular series in a monthly sewing magazine?

I’m all ears…….

4 responses to “What do you want to read in a Sewing Magazine?

  1. This is difficult as Sewing World attracts people who do different types of sewing- dressmaking, craft, textile art etc and your decorative features series had something for all these types. Being selfish I lean towards dressmaking so what about something on
    1. Linings – Where a lining would be appropriate, different types of fabrics and what would go best with what outer fabric, different ways of sewing linings in etc
    2. Fitting. Maybe take a real live model with a common fitting problem and show how to tackle it. This would probably be photo and diagram heavy.
    3. Sleeves. How to add or take away sleeves from a pattern ( this might be too hard to do in the limited space of a magazine). How to add cuffs of different types, make the sleeve fuller or narrower etc.


    • Hi Barbara, thanks for your comment! I’m focussing on dressmaking for my contribution to Sewing World. Fitting might be a good one to tackle in a user-friendly way, it could also incorporate a bit about sleeve adjustments. On the subject of sleeves…….that exercise on the Sewing Bee last night wasn’t a very good example! A sleeveless armhole is the wrong shape for a sleeve because the underarm is too high and the armscye too shaped in towards the body – a standard set-in sleeve in an armhole like this would be very uncomfortable. That’s why I was so impressed with Chinelo’s solution to it which added fullness to enable movement in a very modern way rather than just by adding obvious gathers. I think she may win… Wendy


      • I never manage to watch the Sewing Bee on the day of broadcast- always about 4 days behind. I hope nobody tells me the result before I get to see the final.


      • Ooops, sorry, mini-spoiler there! I think you’ll find it difficult to avoid spoiling the final. I tried last year as I’m usually teaching on Tuesday evenings and as soon as I went online to watch it on iPlayer I saw the result. Reschedule your day around the final!!


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