The Best Ways to Start and Finish your Sewing

It might sound obvious – how to start and end sewing, but it’s one of those things that is most likely to get new sewers instantly in a tangle and put them off sewing.

To my amazement, it’s also something that never seems to be well explained in sewing machine manuals.

I’m sure all sewers have experienced these scenarios…….

  1. you start to sew and instantly the machine seems to get tangled up, won’t sew and you take out your fabric to find a great big tangle of thread on the underneath of your fabric,
  2. you get to the end of what you’re sewing, lift up the presser foot to find the fabric appears to be stuck, you force the fabric out of the machine and instead of just 2 threads, find about 4.

If you follow these simple ways to start and finish your sewing, you will never find yourself in these annoying situations again, I promise!


If you’re not sure where all the different parts of the sewing machine are to be found, have a look at my whistlestop tour of the sewing machine here.

4 responses to “The Best Ways to Start and Finish your Sewing

  1. Hi, I know this isn’t the right place to ask about buying your Bernina machine, but I am very interested so have left messages all over! Name is Jennifer Page. Would love to come to one of your workshops in the future.

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  2. Laugh! I thought you were going to say ‘get your Mum to do it!’

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