Neat Seams – Your Secret Weapon

Do you struggle with getting neatly finished seam allowances??  Try this….


The overcasting foot is also sometimes called an “overlock foot”.  They don’t often come as standard with a new machine (although they do with new Janomes and some Berninas), but you can buy them as an extra attachment for your machine and they’re well worth it.  Once you’ve used one and seen the results you’ll never want to be without it.

They’re a great alternative if you don’t have an overlocker, giving an almost as neat finish.  You can also use them with your machine’s other recommended  ”overcasting” or edge neatening stitches as well as just the standard zigzag stitch.

If you’re going to invest in one, be sure you buy the correct one for your make and model of machine, an incorrect one can lead to broken needles, tangled threads and tears!  If you can’t buy or order one from your local friendly sewing machine shop, have a look online – do a search using overcasting foot (or overlocking foot) + the make and model of your sewing machine and you should come up with some results, they’re usually between £10 – £15.

11 responses to “Neat Seams – Your Secret Weapon

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  2. I love my Janome overcasting foot – great for tiny spaces where I dare not go with the overlocker!


  3. After reading your over locker post I think it seems best me to try out an overcasting foot first so thank you! I have one question… I’ve tried looking online for a Bernina (minimatic machine) overcasting foot and I can’t seem to find one, the ones I have found don’t look anything like what you have pictured above so I wondered if you know where I can purchase one? Thanks so much for this post!
    Sarah xx


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  5. after reading your blog,, im not going to buy myself an overlocker machine now,,after looking on line at several machines videos on usage they seem too complicated for me so i will get an overlock foot and use that saving me a bit of money as well….thankyou for your advice


    • Glad it helped! If you’re keen you’ll probably get one eventually, but it’s best to wait until you’re ready and you know you’re really going to use it, in the meantime I think you’ll enjoy the overlock foot on your regular machine.



    Hi Wendy I am a new Subscriber I have an old Jones J-A-28 M86635897 this seems to be the only info I can find,and want to get an Over Locker Foot but not sure which one I should buy for this Machine, can you help. Thank You. Looking forward to your Blogs Pat.


  7. Sorry, hit reply too soon! Was going to say – your best bet would be to speak to a local independent sewing machine shop. Hopefully they’ll know which overlocker foot will best fit your machine + may even have some you can try. Good luck, hope you find one soon and can start to enjoy it!! Wendy


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