Sewing with Knits Workshop

Sunday saw 5 students at another of my popular “Sewing with Knits” workshops.  It always amazes me how quickly these days whizz by, especially when I have such a lovely bunch of students.

The day always starts with a look at everyone’s fabrics and these students had found some really nice ones from a wide range of places; Leeds market, John Lewis and of course, Ditto.  There are always a few confessions of a fear of sewing knitted fabrics at the start of the day too…

After a little trying on session to choose which of the MIY Collection patterns they were going to make I soon set them to work….

knitworkshop-june3Here’s Joy, Wendy and Lynn who all decided to make the Drapey Cardi, Lynn had the extra task of stripe matching……!

Joy runs her own knitting business and has written about her experience of the workshop on her blog:  Thanks Joy and I hope you’re now enjoying wearing your cardi!

Here’s what the other 2 students made:

knitworkshop-june2Hèlène chose the straight neck dress and this gorgeous fabric is from online fabric shop Fabric Godmother.

knitworkshop-juneFiona made this gorgeous cowl neck dress with fabric from John Lewis.  Fiona has only recently started sewing after coming to one of my Skirt Making workshops so I was extra impressed by what a good job she made of this!  I’m still in the process of putting together the instructions for this pattern, but it will soon be available to buy.

All 3 cardis were also tantalisingly close to being finished by the end of the day and the 3 students making them went home confidently knowing what to do to get them finished.  A picture of Joy’s finished one is on her blog post.

Here are some of the students’ thoughts on the day:

“Wendy’s workshop was fun, relaxing and a great way to spend my Sunday.  She was very friendly and available for support throughout the day.  I’ll be back for more sewing, thank you very much!”

“Thanks for a great day!  Learnt lots and no longer afraid of stretch fabrics!”

The next Sewing with Knits workshop is on Sunday 6th October.  More details here.

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