A Skirt-tastic Sunday at MIY Workshop

5 people, 5 different fabrics, 1 A-line skirt pattern and look at what can be produced in a day!


We had tweedy, stretch cotton, a tiny floral print, an elephant print and a comic strip print!  All finished, all fitted and three of these students hadn’t used sewing machines since school.  They were also all first-time zip sewers, all of which were inserted beautifully.

Here’s what they thought of their day:

“Great fun, relaxed and friendly workshop and a fab skirt to take home at the end of it.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s really good to have something to wear at the end of the day!  Will definitely be back for more workshops.”

“Wonderful day.  Lovely to have a finished product!  Never made to feel stupid as I was a beginner.  Wendy is very patient and makes a great cup of tea (!)”

“Really useful workshop – individual attention when needed, really pleased with the result!”

“Very satisfying finishing a skirt for myself and Wendy kept me going with cups of tea!”

Note – I’m a northerner, it’s obligatory to be able to make a good cup of tea!  My grandma got me in training from a very early age.

The next tea fuelled Skirt Making workshop is on Sunday 29th September.  Booking is now open.

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