Made at MIY Workshop

It’s been a hive of activity recently at MIY Workshop both with classes and workshops and behind the scenes.  More on the “behind the scenes” stuff later, in the meantime admire some of the lovely things my students have been making….

shruganddresssewingpatterns-miycollectionSalva and Cesca have been busy with my MIY Collection sewing patterns – a lovely frock with added pockets by Salva and a cute cosy shrug by Cesca.  Both of these garments are made from gorgeous felted wool from Ditto.

miycollection cardi sewing patternMore fabric from Ditto in Karen’s cardi.  Another MIY Collection sewing pattern, Karen was surprised at how quickly it came together and has been enjoying the compliments and enquiries as to where she bought her cardigan, from work colleagues and friends!

skirt-sigitaThis beautiful skirt is Sigita’s own design that she created on my 6 week pattern cutting course.  The skirt is lined, has a leather waistband and was meticulously put together by Sigita, it really is gorgeous!


studentwork-susie2Susie, in 2 tops she’s made from vintage patterns that we made a few tweaks to.  Again that lovely felted wool from Ditto…...

There was another of my Cushion Making workshops a few weeks ago and here’s what came out of that busy day:

cushionworkshop-cherryCherry with an envelope back cushion cover with piped seams.

cushionworkshop-donnaDonna with an envelope back cushion cover and a second cut out and on its way!

cushionworkshop-emma3Emma used a couple of different fabrics and a pompom trim which impressed the family when she got it home.

cushionworkshop-renee3More mixing of fabrics, Renee chose some lovely blues to mix on both sides of her envelope back cushion cover.

cushionworkshop-stephanieAnd last, but not least, Stephanie with her lovely wintery patchworked cushion cover with a button fastening at the back.  Even more impressive is that Stephanie is new to sewing and only attended my “How to use your Sewing Machine” workshop a few months ago!


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