“How to use your Sewing Machine” workshop – it works!

I had a lovely email last week from a student who attended my “How to use your Sewing Machine” workshop last Sunday.

She’s kindly let me share her comments:

“Hi Wendy, just thought I’d let you know that ‘Me and My Machine’ understand each other now and we’ve started a wonderful relationship !
Seriously though, I took your advice as soon as I left the workshop on Sunday, set up the machine and threaded it up.  It sews like a dream and have already taken up a pair of ‘stretchy’ trouser hems with that special stitch.  My husband’s most impressed and is calling me his domestic goddess as I have recently embarked on jam making for the first time ever, am knitting a jumper for him, which I hope will be ready for Christmas and now I have my basic sewing machine skills !
Thank you for an interesting workshop, I shall be returning for more with you.”

Well, what can I say?  Job done and one less sewing machine languishing in its box at the back of a cupboard, hooray!!

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