Student work at MIY Workshop

Here’s 3 students that have recently made beautiful garments that initially presented different kinds of challenges…..

                  Joy                                            Nicky                                        Clair

Joy chose a lovely checked wool to make a spring cape, however, the size of the check and the bold coloured stripes running through it meant that she needed to try and match up the pattern at the seams, some of which were curved….!  Well, after a jigsaw puzzle cutting the fabric, much tacking, a bit of unpicking and the odd nag from me and Joy’s patience is rewarded.

Nicky wanted to recreate an existing top in a different fabric.  We made a pattern from the original garment with a few tweaks to make it a better fit and Nicky chose some bold printed jersey from Ditto which again, required some thinking about where to place the pattern pieces to get the print in the right place in the finished garment.  Nicky made a good job of sewing tricky fabric and finished result looks fab.

Clair’s first go at this dress pattern resulted in a garment that didn’t fit brilliantly.  I helped her tweak the pattern to fit her proportions perfectly and she now knows how to adjust all other patterns she uses so that they’ll fit properly.  She brought her wonderful eye for colour to the fabric choices for this frock and I love the result!

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