MIY Workshop continues to take shape…

I finally got over “the fear” this week and got something in the window!  It had become like the first page of a sketchbook that you don’t want to “spoil” by working on, made worse by the fact that it’s there on the street for all to see.

So, I’ve started simple and fairly obvious – a changing example of student work  (Lisa’s skirt and top are on the mannequin first) and some examples of what you can do at MIY Workshop.  After all, the main point of the window is to let people know what’s going on inside!  Hopefully I’ll get braver and more experimental as time goes on as it is such a great window.

I’ve also made a start on prettifying the inside of the workshop and aim to have inspirational and useful samples and images on the walls.  A few of my appliqué and fabric manipulation samples got me started.

I’ll be in there later doing a bit more….

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